Earbuds, we can power it up

PNAS just got the patent for the button battery, which could be widly used in Bluetooth earphones. Thanks to its smaller in size but large capacity in power, it was accepting by earbuds manufacturer. as far as we know, we're the third one that could produce this kind of battery, but we the one with best providing price. please contact if you are the earbuds designer. PNAS smaller size large capacity good price #lithiumbattery #earbuds #headsetsbattery application: earbuds, sm

Back to normal

maybe your office is still locked down, but here back to normal. if you're in a home office, feel free to contact, to ask, to zoom chat. we could lead you have video tour to our factory, and I don't mind you wear the pajamar to ask questions. Battery cell, 10K rolled out per day. Ready battery for 8K released. #batterymaking #lithiumbattery #PNAS