Have not find suitable battery for your prototype?

When you need a custom battery pack, the following are the 7 things you should share with battery manufacturer:

  • Working Current consumption
  • Working voltages(Max /Cut-Off Voltage)
  • Temperatures Range(Operation&Storage)
  • Dimesion(max size requirement)
  • Power;
  • Application

What kind of battery packs we make ?

In PNAS we make Polymer Lithium packs and we also make 18650 cylinder battery packs , to meet our clients requirement, at the same time we also make the battery block that housed with a plastic cover, so that make the whole product lean. Below is the battery pack style we are making.

3.6V Lithium backs with plastic housing.

18650 packs

Large power customizing

We grows from small to big, and we understand what it will need in the beginning. Just share us with your power requirement.