Want to be our distributors ?

Here is what you could get:

  • Free solution design and free sample;
  • Marketing support, Google Ads;
  • Good profit set;
  • Quality assurance support;
  • Problem shooting and customer support

Who could be our distributors ?

we have the battery producing equipment and with experienced engineering team, we could support the distributors with good battery solution and products. So we’re requiring distributors to work with us. If you are enaging in the electronic industry for a long time, or you are a sloution company but requiring production team, we may work together and have a win-win parntership.

what we could do

*Custom li-ion battery

*18650 battery packs

*Custom Li-ion pack

*2000+ items to choose;


*have clients that require battery

*Design the battery but need partner to produce

Engage the industry for many years

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