• John Yi

Bluetooth keyboard powered by PNAS

Thanks to the vaccination progressed, US is coming out of the pandemic, while the same time, it's about to come back to the office. when you try to make your desk top tidy, get rid the wire connection, you may think about the Blutooth keyboard to replace the original wire connected USB keyboard.

On Amazon, the bluetooth Keyboard was sold 30K/month, if you are the user, then maybe you're our customer either, as PNAS provide the Lithium-ion battery for the bluetooth keyboard. As you could see the BLE keyboards are always smaller and thinner than the USB wire keyboard, that require the battery thin but capacity large.

The thinnest battery we ever made is 1mm, and to make it store large power, we have to choose best Li+ materials, like LiCoO4. Meanwile we have to make sure its safety for high temperature and explosion. So we protect the battery with protection IC.

by using the Lithium-ion battery, the keyboard could be rechargeable. Even some BLE keyboard could be portable, which could make you easy to pack and move it with you.

And we'll continue to dig in this BLE keyboard industry, make the keyboard more say and long time working.

PNAS Battery

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