• John Yi

Outdoor Sport Surge during the pandamic

Updated: Mar 18

Data says the outdoor git were sold more 17% than the year over year amount. Pandemic sucks, which make people need to ease up a bit and get more fresh air. Quarantine need you stop in your house, block you from the nature, no wondering that.

How about night sports ? yeah, day time crowded, and we have to keep a social distance, night time, less people out. But you will have to need a lighting gear. we could introdcue you the headlamp, and amzon listed good items you could choose.

as a battery supplier, we shipped 20K headlamps per month, the reason why the soucre us as the Headlamp provider is our campacity is flat-shaped, that leave more space for the designer to design the product, make it lean and slim.

so grab us for more information about which headlamp you should buy or ask us about the battery informations.


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